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Led by a well-trained veterinarian and exceptional staff, Pearson Animal Clinic sets the standard for quality pet care in Russellville, AR. We take pride in vetting our staff, ensuring our patients receive services from passionate professionals. You can look forward to receiving open, honest communication while building a strong rapport with our team for years to come.

Dr. Jessica Pearson

Dr. Jessica Pearson and her family

Our veterinarian, Dr. Jessica Pearson, is already establishing a reputation as a vet who cares about her patients. Dr. Pearson is dedicated to making sure her patients and clients get the best medical care. She has quickly settled in and is continuing in our former veterinarian Dr. Tanner's footsteps of being here for her clients to the best of her ability. Dr. Pearson shares her life with her husband, child, and multiple fur babies of her own. 

Meet Our Staff
Working as a cohesive group, our staff at Pearson Animal Clinic eases the anxiety of patients and their owners. We treat all pets with the same level of love and patience as we do our own fur babies. From the initial phone call with our receptionist to the moment you’re walking back to see the vet, our staff will be by your side, answering questions and concerns with great attention to detail.

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Whether you’re new to the area or wanting a new veterinary clinic, give your dogs and cats the best care possible by reaching out to Pearson Animal Clinic.

Our veterinarian, vet techs, and support staff are waiting to give you the service you deserve.

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